Finding a Place That is Inexpensive is Not Hard

After my ex-husband I were divorced, I found myself feeling panic set in when it came to thinking about how I would be able to afford to live each month on the salary that I made. He and I were already struggling financially together, so I had no idea what might be in store for me on my own. The place we had together was somewhat nice, and I felt it would be best if I looked for cheap apartments in Raleigh NC so that I would not get myself into too much financially. But I wondered if I would be able to find a really nice place or not.

In my mind, whatever place that I could find that would be inexpensive might not be in a good neighborhood or would be rundown. Would my safety be a problem? Well, I went to speak with someone who works for an apartment locator company, and she said that while my fears are sometimes true, just as some cheap homes are not in great areas, that I really did not have much to worry about. She said that she had been doing her job for about 10 years, and she knew exactly how to find me the perfect place where I would be safe and the rent would be inexpensive. I hoped that she was correct about that.

The very first place that she took me to was very nice. I was really surprised by that. I thought I would end up in a place that would be extremely basic and older. And just like she promised me, the building was located in a nice area of town. She took me to three more places, and the same was true of each of those places as well. I realized that I had nothing to worry about at all.