Scrap Metal Prices in My Area

I just came across a big haul of scrap metal, and I am quite pleasantly surprised, because I did not think that I would get so lucky. I responded to a random inquiry about an ad I posted a couple months ago and some old guy wanted me to remove some junk from his property. I decided to drive out there and take a look, and it was well worth the effort. So now I need to check out scrap metal prices in my area and see who is buying scrap metal for the best prices right now. I really want to get as much money as I can, because even though I was not expecting to get this money, I could really use as much money as possible right now.

I am going to have to do some careful inspection of the prices, because sometimes one place will have better prices on type of metal, and worse prices on another. That is just kind of how it goes. But I am not even sure what I have the most of right now. So I am going to go and try to sort all of this stuff, so I can figure out what is most important in terms of price. If I had to guess, I would say it is going to be the copper I have. However, I am really not completely sure of that.

It is probably going to take a couple of hours to sort everything and get things cleaned up. However, I need to get it done tonight even though I am kind of tired. If everything goes well, I am going to go in the morning tomorrow to sell this scrap metal. I think that is the best time to do it with my upcoming schedule.