The House That We Now Call Home

When my husband told me to find a reputable real estate agent in Denver, I got so excited. I knew that there was a chance we would end up staying in Denver, but it was not a sure deal until he told me that. I did not waste any time either. We had been living in an apartment for nearly six months before we found out that we were staying there for the long haul, and I honestly missed having my own house. The apartment was nice, but it just could not compare to having my own yard, bigger rooms and more privacy.

It took me just a few minutes before I found the real estate agent that I wanted to use. I looked at his website and was impressed with the properties that he had listed there. I also liked how everything was laid out, so I started looking at properties even before I contacted him. I wanted to find a few first so he could show them to us right away. Even though it was just my husband and I at the time, I knew that we were going to start a family soon, so we wanted to have at least a few bedrooms.

I found four properties that I wanted to look at in person, and I was so thankful when he said that we could do them all on the same day. I wanted my husband to be there when we looked, and it would be hard to get more than one day off from his work to do this. It ended up taking us just a few hours though, because we both wanted the second house we looked at. It has four bedrooms, three and a half baths, it is located in a great school district, and it even has an in ground pool!